Arrowfield Top is a beautiful location situated by the Bittell Farm Road. If you are searching for tyre wholesalers in Arrowfield Top, consider dropping by TyreLab for top-grade solutions.

We are known for our collection of budget-friendly tyres. Our partner garages can order both online or via call. This makes it quite convenient for them to plan their inventory.

So, instead of scrolling the internet for genuine bulk tyre suppliers Arrowfield Top, please call us at 0330 043 1494. We will listen to your requirements patiently before providing solutions.

Here’s our garage address: Unit 2, Storage King, Business Park, Great Bridge Street, Swan Village, Birmingham.

TyreLab - Raising The Bars For Tyre Distributors Near You

We work with a team of selected tyre experts. They will manually check all tyres before making them available for sale. Thus, our customers can stay assured of the tyre quality.

Our collection consists of the following tyre categories:

Summer Tyres

These tyres perform best when the temperatures rise above 7 degrees Celsius. Their tread patterns prevent aquaplaning on wet roads in summer.

On examining you will see that summer tyres are comparatively harder and can handle more friction. The designs are unique allowing a person to drive at the expense of less fuel.

Michelin Primacy 4+ and Michelin Pilot Sport 5 are two of the on-demand summer tyres that you may buy from us.

Winter Tyres

Did you not find reliable budget tyre wholesalers in Arrowfield Top that sell high-quality winter tyres?

No need to worry!

Our winter tyres guarantee maximum grip across icy and slushy roads. Their deep cavities intensify the grip effect when one tries to drive on snowy roads.

Bridgestone's Blizzak LM005 and Pirelli Scorpion Winter 2 are two popular winter tyres that we sell.

Run-flat Tyres

Tyre blowouts cause constant loss of air pressure, compelling motorists to carry extra tyres with them in cases of emergencies. Therefore, you may suggest purchasing RFTs instead.

We supply globally-recognised and tested run-flat tyre models like Pirelli P-Zero, Pirelli Cinturato P7, and Hankook Ventus S1 EVO2.

Besides these, you can also shop impressive 4x4 tyres, all-season tyres and performance tyres from our website.

From car tyre wholesalers in UK, we have also upgraded the quality of our service. Our technicians provide you with timely advice on which tyre to supply for a specific car model.

For that, please consider dropping us an email. Forward your questions to We will get back shortly.