Bell End is a hamlet situated merely 2 miles to the south of Hagley. The place is populated by only a few residential blocks.

If you often drive to Bell Hall for work, there are chances that you had tried finding genuine tyre distributors nearby.

Well, now you can end your quest!

Tyre Lab is a newly established car workshop that operates as tyre wholesalers in Bell End and its surrounding regions. You can visit the garage in the least possible time if you drive via the M5 motorway.

Dissatisfied with the responses from your current tyre retailer?

Please call 0330 043 1494 to allow us to offer personalised solutions.

We Are Your Bulk Tyre Suppliers In Bell End

As we maintain a strong connection with eminent budget tyre wholesalers in Bell End, we can provide you with globally renowned brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, etc. at extremely affordable rates.

From us, you will get the following tyres:

Summer Tyres

Our summer tyre collection includes popular models like Hankook Ventus Prime 4, Bridgestone Turanza 6, Pirelli Scorpion Verde, etc. All of these tyres are highly responsive on dry roads during extreme summers.

Winter Tyres

Garages have often ended up on our website looking for “good quality winter tyres near me". We have such retailers world-class winter tyres like Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, Hankook Winter Icept Evo2, Bridgestone Ecopia, and more. All of these products have positive reviews while searching the internet.

All-season Tyres

As your responsible tyre wholesalers online, we keep all-season tyres that your customers may rely on for most of the year. Their treads include small and fine grooves that are ideal for driving in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius.

Some popular all-season tyres are Bridgestone Sturdo, Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus and Michelin Premier Ltx.

Are you specifically looking to buy run-flat tyres, performance tyres or 4x4 tyres?

We have premium, mid-range and budget-friendly options for each of the categories.

Furthermore, we aim to surpass other car tyre wholesalers in the UK in terms of tyre quality, and customer satisfaction.

To get answers for any further queries, you may message us at