Digbeth is situated at the heart of Birmingham. This place forms a major part of England’s Big City Plan. Here, various old industrial structures here have been crumbled down and converted into apartments under the redevelopment scheme.

Looking for tyre wholesalers in Digbeth?

This concern is common to many garage owners in this area. However, TyreLab, one of the new budget tyre wholesalers in Digbeth, has managed to end this trouble significantly.

We have collaborated with many tyre distributors across Birmingham. It allows us to gather premium, mid-range and cheap tyres at the lowest rates. In turn, we supply these units to the nearby garages retaining a modest margin.

Wondering what we do with the profits?

We re-invest them to maintain a seamless online facility. Through our portal, you can bulk order tyres, pay securely and take advantage of the amazing deals.

Drive via the M6 motorway to reach us quickly.

Our Role As Bulk Tyre Suppliers In Digbeth

We have connections with reliable tyre dealers who endorse popular brands like Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Pirelli, and more. Once we receive a call from any tyre retailer, we ask them for particular requirements. When they seem unsure about which tyres to purchase for a specific model, we hand over the call to our in-house tyre experts.

A tyre expert assesses your customer’s budget and recommends best-in-class tyres. These are all the tyre variants you can purchase from us:

Summer Tyres

Perfect for temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius, these tyres can be used for 5-6 summers when used under the recommended load-bearing capacity. Some best-selling summer tyres are Bridgestone Sturdo, Continental Conti Comfort Contact, Pirelli Cinturato P1 Summer, etc.

Winter Tyres

You can find reasonably priced winter tyres while scrolling through our virtual catalogue. Their deep tread blocks are ideal for securing traction on icy roads.

Ended up on our website looking for “winter tyre wholesalers near me”?

We assure you that you've arrived at the right destination. Having said that, you may choose among highly rated models like Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, Bridgestone Ecopia EP850, Michelin X-Ice Xi2 Winter, etc. from our website.

Performance Tyres

Serving SUV owners in Digbeth?

We've got you covered with high-tech performance tyres. From our website, you may shop for a host of performance tyres from brands like Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, and more.

You may also call 0330 043 1494 directly to book your choice of tyres from us.