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Garages from the Parkfield area of Wolverhampton often reach out to TyreLab for great trade deals on high-quality car tyres.

We are among the new-age tyre wholesalers online streamlining the process of bulk tyre ordering. Though we are not that old when compared to other tyre wholesalers Parkfield, our sales standards are much higher.

Our partner garages can order EU-labelled tyres 24/7 through the portal. Additionally, we commit to same-day deliveries for emergency cases.

Thus, if you are stuck with queries like “tyre wholesalers near me”, please visit our facility today. You can drive via the A41 motorway to reach us in less than 30 minutes.

Budget Tyre Wholesalers Parkfield

Collaborating with many bulk tyre suppliers Parkfield, we procure many uncommon tyre models. This enhances our diversity and allows us to provide more value to the garages.

Here are some budget-friendly tyre brands we sell:





Event, etc.

Although the prices are lower, by no means the user has to compromise on road safety and expected performance. However, for maximum benefit, the tyres must be used under recommended weather and road conditions.

Our Role As Tyre Distributors

We provide tailored solutions to car workshops selling tyres. Therefore, if you are confused about which tyre category to choose for your client's specific needs, please let us know about it.

You may also enrol for our newsletter by sending us a message at partnerservices@tyrelab.co.uk. It allows us to forward offers from time to time.

These tyre variants are displayed on our website’s catalogue:

Summer Tyres

Performance Tyres

4x4 Tyres

Winter Tyres

All-season Tyres

Run-flat Tyres

Want same-day tyre deliveries?

No need to look for other tyre wholesalers online. We utilise the previous order details for each of our partner garages, to manage our inventory effectively. Also, as we maintain a friendly relationship with you, we request feedback occasionally that helps us improve our products and services.

So, instead of waiting any longer, get in touch today!