Merely standing 5 miles from Birmingham city centre, Quinton is a popular residential zone that previously used to be a part of Halesowen.

Two heavily used routes, the A458 and A456 pass through the town's northern part. Another vital part of the ward is Quinton Expressway which runs along the western borders of Birmingham.

Garages from Quinton often contact TyreLab for car tyres at wholesale prices. We are one of the widely recognised tyre wholesalers Quinton with an experienced sales team and group of tyre experts.

You can arrive at our facility within 14 minutes by driving via the Wolverhampton Road.

Here’s our address: Unit 2 Storage King Business Park Great Bridge Street Swan Village Birmingham.

Tyres We Sell

Being one of the most genuine bulk tyre suppliers Quinton, we offer our partner garages with EU-labelled tyres only. Any tyre retailer can call 0330 043 1494 or visit our website to order the below-mentioned car tyres:

Summer Tyres

We assure you that the summer tyres you collect from us will perform at their best when used in temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. They have simple tread patterns with wider blocks to allow maximum contact with the road. Also, the hard rubber is suitable to offer desired durability in the long run.

Top-selling summer tyres include Bridgestone Ecopia, Bridgestone Sturdo, Continental Conti Max Contact, etc.

Performance Tyres

When your customer demands car tyres that support superior handling while driving at high speeds, you can recommend our class-apart performance tyres.

These tyres are known for impressive road grip while cornering and also contribute to fuel efficiency. The two performance tyre models we are selling in huge numbers these days are Continental Extremecontact and Pirelli P Zero Corsa.

Run-flat Tyres

As budget tyre wholesalers Quinton, we keep many cost-effective tyres too.

Were you looking for “affordable tyre wholesalers near me”?

If yes, then we can offer you budget-friendly run-flats and other car tyres throughout the year. After a blowout, our RFTs help a driver reach the nearest service station by driving up to 50mph.

Right now, these are the two popular versions sold by tyre wholesalers online: Maxxis IRO and Toyo Proxes.

Each and every tyre distributor in this area can head to our portal to purchase 4x4 tyres, all-season tyres and winter tyres. For quotes, feel free to leave us a message at We will send responses right away!